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Residential plumbing services

Greeny Plumber Alhambra has residential plumbing service provider team. Who is an expert in residential plumbing problems?

Emergency plumbing services

Imagine for a second you are doing dishes and your sink clogged. What if your toilet starts overflowing? Relax don’t panic. Pick up a phone and call at Greeny Plumber Alhambra.

Water heater

Your water heater stopped working? we will fix it for you, or installing new one. we have experience with all types, Tankless, Electric, and more

Sewer line inspection

Currently, you are facing multiple clogged drain problem? Unable to find a culprit. Greeny Plumber Alhambra has a video inspection device. By this device, we pinpoint the area of blockage.

Backflow testing

A PRZ is a device which prevents the backflow of contaminated water. It generally presents on lawn sprinkler system. Greeny Plumber Alhambra can install and repair backflow testing device.

Garbage disposal

Greeny Plumber Alhambra install and carry garbage disposal unit. We also provide garbage disposal placement services. For further care instruction visit our office contact or call (626)365-0490.

Greeny – Your Plumber in Alhambra

Serving Plumbing Services in Alhambra and Los Angeles

Owner of Greeny Plumber Alhambra is a native of USA and resident of Alhambra, CA for 35 years. After his graduation from a reputed high-school. At the college level, he was best at mechanic and physics. He wanted to join a field where he shows his skills and intreats. He selected plumbing as his profession. Owner of Greeny Plumber Alhambra worked for two renowned companies. He gained 25 years of plumbing experience from these companies. After resigning from these companies, he launched his own plumbing business.

Emergency Service

Having plumbing emergency that require attention ASAP? Greeny Plumber Alhambra will be there within 20 minutes.

Our Standards

  • Our company treat every customer and their apartment with Respect.
  • We strive hard to exceed customer’s expectations.
  • Our staff keep schedules an appointment.
  • Cheap pricing.
  • Licensed.

Deliver best response times for Water Heaters, Gas, Toilet, Drain, Leak, Clogged and Inspections.

Greeny Plumber Alhambra At Your Doorstep

  • Greeny Plumber Alhambra is a local family business since 2002.
  • 100% guaranteed service.
  • Licensed team
  • Quality work with cheap pricing.
  • All range of plumbing services
    • Repair Your: Toilet / Water heater / Garbage disposal / Sump pump
    • Residential & Commercial
    • Tankless water heaters
    • Drain cleaning
    • Leak detection
    • Water pressure
    • Leaky faucet
    • Sewer service
    • Gas line
    • Repipe